Asset Management

Our asset management team provides actionable, high-level investment strategies for all types of commercial properties. Our expert understanding of both real estate and capital markets results in effective oversight of day-to-day operations. Additionally, our close relationships with top service providers enables us to use the best talent in any given specialty or submarket.

We provide the tools to help our clients maximize their return on their real estate investments. Our asset management services include:

  • Property Management Supervision
  • Asset or Portfolio Valuation
  • Financial & Sensitivity Modeling
  • Budgeting & Business Plan Preparation and Execution
  • Disposition Strategies/Sale Administration
  • Financing Negotiation & Placement
  • Lease Analysis & Negotiations
  • Investor Reporting
  • Loan Workout & Strategies for Distressed Properties
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Market Research
  • Third Party Vendor Oversight